Searching for a Minecraft Server  

1Have you always been bugged about how to get a Minecraft server? Often gamers post this question. We all started with Minecraft as a single player. Then, we figure out that it is quite boring to play alone and seek other players to play with. The craving to play with others or mine with other gamers can’t simply be ignored. The tricky part, really, is how to search for a great Minecraft server. Simply, there are plenty of variation that you can pick from. There are plenty of things to consider including server modifications and requirements for individual players and even servers to choose from. The one shortcoming of Minecraft is that it lacks a dedicated server browser to know the list of servers. It is one thing that you have to do manually. Players that want to search Minecraft players need to be in the correct server. You need to know the web address of a server to connect to it.


How to get a minecraft server? One great place to find Minecraft server listings is in forums or in dedicated websites listing information about the servers. Often you find two listings one for creative servers and for survival servers. There are times you will find two listings one for survival servers and the other for creative servers. Creative servers are often cooperative and you would not find any resistance from other players.


The goal is to have some fun and create while you’re at it. Survival servers are still mostly in beta and designed to capture the essence of the single player mode. Most often the situation is ruthless and there are full of monsters to contend with. In reality, it is every man or woman for him or herself. Often, the servers are the same and has the same list of servers. The web address and the maximum number of players are often published by the server’s owner. The process has been made easier for players as you just need to copy and paste the information on to the game. You need to figure out first if the server is up and running in the first place. You can find a community that will tell you the status of the servers. It is possible that you can also find a robust provision of Minecraft server listings there. Check out to learn how to Mod minecraft.


It pays to check the forums first before you join a server. You may end up frustrated if you find the server to be a bust. There are plenty of complaints that the server is down. The horrifying part is to learn that you have spent time building a base for nothing because the server turned out the next day to be unavailable. It pays to check the rules and the white list once you have joined a server. Minecraft is a great way to have some fun but you need to get to the right server at first.

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